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On this website you will be able to find all types of discounts or deals that are offered in the UCF/ Orlando area. We listed everything we could find, anywhere from food, transportation, entertainment and more! Some are simply student discounts and others are reoccurring weekly specials. On certain sections, we even added tips and tricks to help you save money as a UCF student.


How it all began

Being college students ourselves, we are very aware of what it’s like to have little to no money. We did a lot of research to provide the best content for our fellow students at the University of Central Florida (UCF).


Anyone can benefit from the information we listed on this website, even if you aren’t struggling or in need, and just trying to save money. We put together an assortment of discounts ranging from foods in general, to restaurants and even how you’re going to get there. We also added little tips and tricks to help you save money as a UCF student. Believe us your bank account will be thankful!


DISCLAIMER: Any price or discount/deal listed in this report, are current as of 12/7/2018. If you are interested in more recent prices, you will have to visit the appropriate website(s) or call the location(s).

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